Milan Zine

Here is one of the A3 sides of my zine for Milan. This is for my project and I also have done one for London.

milanzineblogTo make it follow these steps.



3 responses to “Milan Zine

  1. hi there!

    i really love your blog, just came across it and it was really inspiring!

    i was just wondering if you have some information about that one day Style Aware course that you attended in Hackney? (

    been trying to google it but i cant find anything. 🙂

    thanks! x Ingrid

    • Hi Ingrid.
      It was a one-day course in Hackney Downes. I attended it last Summer, I had a look for it on the internet but couldn’t find anything about it. This was the address I emailed. I think the woman’s name was Faye Marriott.
      Hope this helps, Jenny x

  2. thanks loads!! 🙂

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